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We make content. The kind that moves people.

Thingg is the brainchild of two fiercely independent makers hell-bent on doing stuff differently. Our experiences as an award-winning novelist, music producer for grammy award-winning artists, journalism, screenwriting, and creative directing enabled us to build an idea-led thing anchored in culture. We deliver vision and voice without the bloat, so our partners can make moves that matter.

Content Services

Authentic Storytelling

We craft narratives that transcend traditional advertising, weaving your brand's message into stories that entertain, inform, and inspire.

We do our thing for your thing

For Brands

We bring seamless collaboration to both small and large brands, from up and coming businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Brands see us as a medium for cultural exploration, adapting their needs to the current climate. In short, we do what agencies do for brands, but better.

For Production Houses

From creative campaigns and episodic content to films and documentaries, we work with production partners to add creative storytelling, marketing, and communications to their offering. 

For Startups

Every growing company needs that little something to go to the next level. One of our strengths is collaborating with startups to help get their thing off the ground and make an impact. 

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We offer white label partnership to companies who may or may not have an internal creative offering. This allows us to work nimbly and on a project-by-project basis, eliminating overhead. When you work with Thingg, you are also plugged into a vast network of makers, directors, strategists, engineers, and even students that can meet your needs.

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